Baton Rouge is pretty nifty!

Our stay in Baton Rouge started out a little rough but we made the most of the two days that we spent there as a stopping point enroute to New Orleans.

The 4.5 hour trip didn't seem that long and was uneventful until we reached what we thought was the entrance to the campground. We essentially were on the wrong side of the road and missed the entrance by a coulple of feet. Since it's nearly impossible to turn this beast of an RV around without Wal-mart size parking lot, were were forced to go "around the block" for about 20-30 minutes and try it again. Unfortunately the country roads were extreme narrow and busy with 50ft ditch mere inches away. I was freaked out sitting in the passenger's seat during the entire trip. It as dark by the time we made it back around but we made sure not to miss the entrance the second time.

The campground was part of the Equestrian Center so we had to check-in at the arena. After the short walk we took our pick of the RV spots (there were only 5 or so other campers) and unloaded. The RV parks wasn't much to talk about, a big open lot with water and electricty but the bathrooms were close, clean and super heated!! Toasty warm.

It was getting near 6pm and we could see the girls physically decreasing in size so we looked on Yelp for some local food. I made Cathy's night by finding a sushi place 2 miles away. We were pleasantly surprised that the sushi was cheap and amazingly delicious!

The next day was school and work. The last day for the girls before Thanksgiving break. Cathy and I tried to run the fatness off our bodies (#fail) and then spent most of the day working. We took off around 4pm to do "fun and educational" stuff with the girls.

The area we were staying in was just on the edge of the LSU campus. Apparently there isn't much to do in "downtown" Baton Rouge so we stayed near the campus with the cool little restaurants and bars.

Our first stop was down the road at the LSU campus to see Mike the Tiger, the LSU mascot. Mike was tired so we only stayed for a minutes and then headed into the bookstore next door, proudly displaying our UK colors.

Our next stop was educational, the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center just off the main road. We spent an hour or so walking through the swamp (they had a wooden pathway) and looking at snakes, turtles and birds in the education center. We asked the two girls working at the education center where a "hip, cool" place would be to take the girls. They said, "whenvever anyone's parents come to town we always take them to The Chimes".

So we headed down into the bowels of LSU and finally found parking for The Chimes! What an awesome place! 160+ beers and awsome food!! We had such a great time eating Alligator bites, boudin omelets and drinking craft beer. I almost lobbied Cathy to stay a couple more days just to go back to The Chimes.

Our last morning in Baton Rouge was just like the previous two days. The weather was gorgeous so, once again, Cathy and I tried to run the fat off our bodies before we pulled out for New Orleans. We packed up a little after noon and headed south for 1.5 hours to New Orleans for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Dates: November 24 - November 25
RV Park: BREC Farr Park Equestrian Center, Baton Rouge, LA