The Family

The Family

This is our little family. We have three biological kids and three adopted. Raising kids was sooo much fun the first time we thought we’d do it again with other people’s offspring. We currently live in Sarasota, FL but are now on the road for 2 years traveling the US.

This is our family. Starting from the top right:

My lovely wife Cathy who is the love my my life. We’ve been married over 20 years and if I’m smart I won’t do anything to screw it up. She’s a full-time medical foster mom and we’ve had 97 foster children over the past 15 or so years. And Yes, I know she’s gorgeous. I tell her every day. She outranked me when we were in the Army and she never lets me forget it.

Next is our eldest son Scott who recently got out of the Navy doing aviatonics. He brought a girl back from California and they seems very happy. He works in manufacturing and seems to get promoted all the time. We like to run, eat and drink beer on Thursdays and go to the range together.

Beside him is our eldest daughter Brittany who recently left for the Army and just graduated Basic Training. She’s a Partiot Missle Operator and is currenlty in Ft. Sill, OK. We are so glad she made it through High School.

Next is our other son Tyler who left for the Army the day before his High School graduation. He’s in Special Operations, speaks Arabic and has had two rotations in Afghanistan. Tyler enjoys shooting, women and beer but not necessarily in that order. He’s the kind of guy you want in the Army protecting our country.

Next is me. I’m a software consultant for Appirio and have worked there for almost 5 years. I’ve been working remotely and in the cloud for years so working on the road will not be an issue. In my spare time I like to swim, bike and run long distances. Hopefully I can get in a few triathlons while I’m on the road.

On the bottom left is our new little princess Alexis who is 6. She’s only been with us for a year but she’s something special and we really love her. She’s super smart, spunky and an “old soul”. She seems to like me and Cathy quite a bit ;).

Next to her is her half-sister Hailey who is 11. We’ve had Hailey for a couple of years now and she has some medical issues including CF we have to deal with. She’s an awesome little girl; very helpful and thoughtful. She really fits in well with the family and everyone loves her, especially Brittany. Their adoption should be done in early June 2014.

And last but certainly not least is our little fudgesicle Kira who is 9. We got her right out of the NICU (1lb 5oz & 3.5 month premature), with her own set of medical issues (slight CP) but there’s something special about her. She wasn’t supposed to survive but Cathy literally beathed live into her. No joke. Now she’s doing great, smart as a whip and everyone loves Kira!

Unfortunately the three oldest kids are not coming on the trip with us. Something about starting a life of their own and such. So it’s just me and 4 females on the open road. My wife should be driving a lot as I’ll probably be drinking most of the time ;).