Corpus Christi. Meh.

In retrospect I would have been perfectly fine skipping Corpus Christi, TX. I'm sorry, but It looks and feels like a rundown version of Galveston. Perhaps I'm giving it a bad rap due to our lack of time spent there or the amount of rain and mud we stayed in at the RV park but either way it was simply a stopping point to Grandma's house near an airport.

While Hali and I flew back to Sarasota to Tuesday, Cathy arrived in Corpus Christi around dusk and had to setup all by herself for the first time. Apparently it was a traumatic experience for her. The front desk had given her directions to a spot that wasn't open and she had to circle around the entire park to find the correct one. Plus she had an issue getting the RV level and straight which made unhooking the Jeep a nightmare. A few choice words were spoken before everything was finished and she and the girls were able to head out for some food at a "really horrible" restaurant. I'm pretty sure she had a beer or two at dinner.

I, on the other hand, had landed back in Florida with Hali and rented a yellow Camaro convertable (Hali's idea) for our stay there. We arrived late to our friends Mike and Gena's house and hit the sack as soon as he set foot in the door. It was a long trip.

The next was my birthday and it was filled with errands and appointments for both Hali and me. I went to the Podiatrist and he diagnosed me with Plantar fasciitis and gave me a couple of cortisone shots in my heels before sending me on my way with some treatment instructions. I attempted to get my teeth cleaned (no available openings!) and my license renewed. Unfortunately I didn't have the correct paperwork so I'd have to get into our storage POD and try again the next day. Gena took Hali to a couple of appointments at the CF clinic while I finished out some work at Starbucks.

Since it was my birthday, Cathy had arranged for the family to meet me at Bonefish in Bradenton for dinner. I spent my birthday without my wife (sniff... sniff) but did get to see Scott, Sara, Bonnie, Denise, Joey and Cecil. It was a fun time catching up and there were a lot of good-bye hugs.

Cathy spent most of her day with the girls doing school work and some laundry. They explored the RV park including the pool and the waterfront and she deemed it not as horrible as they thought the previous night. She then capped it off at a nearby Mexican restaurant with a ferris wheel!!

The next day I borrowed Scott's truck and stopped by Bonnie's house to pick up our patio furniture and take it the storage POD (Bonnie was selling her house). I dropped off the furniture and picked up all of our important papers (passports, birth certificates, etc) from storage. I headed back to get my license but my birth certificate was issued by the hospital and not the state and once again I was denied. They issued me a 60 day temporary permit and I'd have to come back sometime in February and try again. #massivefail So I picked up Hali and we headed to TPA for our flight back to Corpus Christi.

Friday was our last day in Corpus Christi and after work and school Cathy took us into what can best be described as "downtown". We found a little place called the Executive Surf Club for dinner. It was actually pretty cool with a number of craft beers and tables made from surf boards.

After dinner we headed back home and I opened my birthday cards and presents from the girls. It was actually a lot of fun!

The next morning and we did some laundry and took showers before packing up and heading to Grandma and Grandpa's house in McAllen. Tyler had arrived the previous day and everyone was anxious to arrive and officially start the Holidays.

Dates: December 16th - December 20th
RV Park: Sea Breeze RV Park, Corpus Christi, TX