Great Times with our Daughter in Ft. Sill, OK

Our two week stay in Ft. Sill was simply to see our daughter Brittany, stationed there in the Army. We didn't plan on doing anything "exciting" during our stay, just spending time with her when the Army allowed it. I have to admit that I felt right at home back on an Army post. Waking to artillery and machine gun fire was actually rather soothing.

We stayed on the far end of post at the LETRA campground and lake. The weather was extremely cold and windy during our two weeks so we mostly did school work and had dinner with Brittany when her scheduled allowed it.

The weather was very nice for the first couple of days so Cathy and I got some runs in and, as the school principle, I gave the kids a day off when the weather was particularly nice. In retrospect, it turned out to be a great decision as the weather went down hill from there. I think the lowest was 21 degrees one night with 25-35 mph winds. LETRA was nice but if only the weather was better!

Superbowl Sunday was a good time. We had Brittany, her boyfriend (Curtis), and three of her friends out for the game. It was a lot of fun eventhough we were cramped in the RV. It was our first real chance meeting Curtis and everyone seems to get along with him well. It had to have been tough being tossed into our family choas so suddenly.

Apparently he was too spooked too easily as a couple of days later Cathy and Brittany arranged for Curtis and me to spend some time alone at the RV where he asked me if he could marry Brittany!

The weather warmed up the last couple of days and we spent some time outdoors with Curtis and Brittany walking up Mt. Scott and visiting a cool little local town that is turning into a tourist destination. Great day!!

When it was time to leave for Roswell no one was very happy, especially Brittany.

Dates: January 27th - February 8th
RV Park: Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area (LETRA), Ft. Sill, OK