Sharon Time in Hamilton, TX

Written by Hali. Edited by Jeff.

We drove 3hrs from Austin, Texas to get to our friend Sharon's house. We parked the RV by the side of her driveway (she had an electrical hookup for us), unpacked and got settled in. When we were done unpacking, we went to The Boxcar BBQ to watch the football game and had a good time. Most of the time Lexi and I were on the playground playing Kira came outside a couple times. Kira had fallen on the slide and hit her butt, so she didn't want to play anymore. After the game was over we all went home and got ready for bed.

Monday morning we made waffles, bacon, eggs and fruit. After we finished meds, took showers, and got a little school work done we took a feild trip to Dutchman's Hidden Valley. We bought some candy and walking sticks. I bought a deck of cards. After we got all our stuff, we watched them make the peanut brittle.

We left The Dutchman's Hidden Valley and went to the Billy The Kid Museum in the next town. We had a great time. The museum had a whole section dedicated to Milatary Soldiers and the girls and I learned a whole lot. We saw Billy The Kid's grave and took pictures. After the museum we drove by Sharon's old house. After all that we chilled out, watched TV and got ready for bed.

Tuesday, we woke and got dress and got meds all done. We did a school and we were going to the library down the street but didn't because it was too cold and rainy outside. Mom said "no". We went to Dollar General instead and got a compliment from a stranger on how good we were. A couple more compliments and we get to have a pizza party! When we got back to Sharon's, we made chili and watched TV before going to bed.

Wednesday, we got up and after lunch we went to the library for "reading 30". Then we drove in the rain to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Dublin, TX and made our own bottles of soda! The girls and I really enjoyed that. We came home and walked to Subway for dinner with Dad. We played card after dinner and dad was so so miserable. He hates cards.

Thursday, we had school and went to the library again. When school got out and Sharon got off of work, we met her at Storms Burgers for dinner. After dinner we went home and looked at Sharon's Grand Canyon and Alaska pictures. After all that we got ready for bed.

Friday, we took a field trip to the Veldhuizen Family Farm and learned how they made the cheese. There was a ton of cats running around they asked if we wanted one. Mom said "no" (again). After the farm we went to The Dutchman's Hidden Valley to pick up some presents for Sharon. We got back around 2pm, packed up and left for Ft. Worth.

Dates: January 18th - January 23
Sharon's House, Hamilton, TX