No so

Even though we stayed in Hot Spring for almost 9 days, we didn't do much. Hot Springs is a tourist town and it was definitely off season; the entire town seemed shut down and rather dreary.

We pulled into the RV park around dinner time and got unpacked. Catherine's Landing is a new RV park on the edge of a lake and it looks fabulous... in the summer time. The weather was bitterly cold for almost our entire stay. We had a number of nights that was below freezing so we had to pull our water hose in and store it in the shower. It was our first time in real cold weather and we were worried we were going to crack a pipe or something.

Most of our days consisted of work and school and we'd occasionally venture out at night for dinner. No one (especially) was really excited out going into the cold weather so we spent a lot of time in the RV.

We ran into some issues (of our own making) with my work travel. I had plans to fly out of Monroe, LA Saturday morning to fly to San Francisco for our Topcoder Open event. We decided to stay in Hot Springs as opposed to moving to Monroe since the internet was great at the park and Cathy knew the area. We tried to switch my flight to leave from Hot Springs but it was going to cost me roughly $700. So instead, we had to make the 3.5 hour journey south to Monroe Friday night to stay in a hotel. Cathy dropped me off in the morning at the airport and drive the 3.5 hours back.

Cathy did some fun stuff with the girls like visiting some of the hot springs and historical spots around the city however, the most fun they had was the Galaxy Collection, billed as a Star Wars "museum". Everyone had a blast! A lot of great picture below.

I flew back into Monroe Thursday morning on the red-eye and Cathy drove the 3.5 hours (again) from Hot Springs to pick me up. The girls were somewhat excited to see me. Then back in the jeep for the 3.5 hour ride to Hot Springs again. Cathy knew the roads like the back of her hand at this point.

The next morning we pack everything back up and headed south (again) to Shreveport.

Dates: November 12 - November 21
RV Park: Catherine's Landing, Hot Springs, AR