A little downtime in Shreveport

We left Hot Springs Friday mid-morning in the drizzling rain and made our way south to Shreveport, LA via major highways instead of county back roads. We made a quick stop in Texarkana at Target to get some supplies and then back on the road!

We pulled into our first KOA campground (not that impressed with KOA) around 4pm, unpacked and headed into town to check it out and find some food. We checked Yelp and found this Mexican restaruant, Superior Grille, with great reviews. Unfortunately it was Friday night and the place was no secret to the locals. Our 30 minute wait turned into 75 minutes but it wasn't that bad. They sold a variety of frozen margaritas in styrofoam cups so we sipped those and made friends with other wait for their number to come up. Overall the food was a little eclectic but good. Not a bad end to the night.

Saturday was an awesome, relaxing day. It was the first warm, sunny day that we'd seen in a number of weeks and we just stayed around the RV park watching TV (Star Wars marathon!!), playing Smallworld and playing on the playground. Cathy ran to the store for food and, more importantly, bloody mary supplies. She cooked steak and veggies on the barbie for dinner and we ate outside with the bees. Shortly after putting the kids to bed we retired to the "television room" (our bedroom). Around bedtime it started to rain and didn't stop until late the next morning.

Sunday we sat around the RV waiting for it to stop raining and for things to dry out. A litle before noon the sun started to appear and we decided to head down to the Louisiana Boardwalk as we got a tip to stop at the Chocolate Crocodile. The "Louisiana Boardwalk" is essentially an outlet mall on the river next to the casinos but still pretty fun. We went and had lunch at Saltgrass Steak House before heading over to Chocolate Crocodile. The girls wanted to skip lunch and just do the crocodile. A couple of last stops at Bass Pro Shop and Crocs, to get some crocs, and then on our way back home.

We told the girls that had two choices when we got home: either play outside or take a nap. Cathy and I laid down and watched football (and slept for an hour) while Hali and Lexi played on the playground. Kira actually opted for a nap as well!

Cathy had been cooking roast in our new crockpot all day so we prepared a lovely dinner for us. However, everyone was still stuffed from lunch and chocolate. We all watched the Disney channel for a couple of yours while Cathy braided Kira's hair. Afterwards Cathy and I got to chat with Tyler before watching Bladerunner and falling fast asleep.

Monday was a normal "pack up and leave" day. We got up, went running, did some laundry and then took off for the 4.5 hour drive to Baton Rogue.

Dates: November 21 - November 24
RV Park: Tall Pines RV Park, Shreveport, LA