Taking Care of Business in Memphis

Our stay in Memphis was short. Too short. I was flying out to SF on Saturday morning and we had to get to Monroe, LA by Friday night at the latest. Eventhough we only stayed in Memphis for a couple of days everyone had a blast at Graceland! The girls fell in love with everything Elvis. They sang songs with us from Spotify, colorerd pictures of him in the restaurants, watched Viva Las Vegas and Jailhouse Rock and talked nonstop about Elvis facts and trivia. Kira was not happy when we were getting ready to pull out for Hot Springs.

We arrived in Memphis late Monday in the early afternoon after our three hour trip from Nashville. Cathy has booked a spot right next to Graceland and everything was within walking distance. We didn't even bother to unpack the Jeep.

Shortly after pulling in and finishing up work, we headed over to Graceland to look around. We planned on doing the tour the next day and wanted to check on tickets and such since we wanted to do everything after I got off of work. The girls had an aboloute blast looking through the souvineer shops with the books, CD, movies, bobbleheads, toys and more. There was no doubt that we'd be contirbuting to the Elvis trinket coffers before we left.

It was getting close to dinnertime and the lady at the front desk of the campground had given us a tip. Marlowe's Ribs & Restaurant (apparently the #2 best BBQ joint in the US) would pick you up free of charge from the RV park in a pink limo! There was no way we could pass up that offer!

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The limo arrived shortly before 6pm and the girls were so excited!! Dinner at Marlowe's was fantastic. I couldn't decide upon what to get so I got everything. I mean everything. Ribs. Pulled Pork. Brisket. Baked beans. Green beans. Cole slaw. Hali fell in love with the brisket and ate most of it.

After dinner we took the limo back home and laid in bed (because we literally couldn't move) and watched Viva Las Vegas with the girls. It was a good night.

Tuesday was only only full day in Memphis. Cathy and I ran in the morning and then we finished our school work before heading over to Graceland for our tour around 4pm. The tour came with a super cool interactive iPad that takes you through each room and provides narration, music and context specific videos. It was well worth the small extra price. I've never heard the girls so quiet.

We spent about an hour wandering around the house, grounds and airplanes at a leisurly pace. The girls abslutely loved it and we had a hard time dragging them out. Luckily it was getting close to dinner time.

Since we hadn't unpacked the Jeep and there was nothing really within walking distance that we wanted to go to, we called up Marlowe's again and dispatched another limo to come get us. Life could be worse. Dinner was again great and we all shared a "Krispy Kreme Bananas Foster" for dessert. It's exactly as it sounds. We weren't as full this time so we headed back home and decided to watch another Elvis movie. This time it was Jailhouse Rock.

While the girls watched the movie Cathy and I headed next door to the Heartbreak Hotel (25ft away) for a CC&7. Tuesday was Cathy's mom birthday who had died 12 or so years ago. Each year on her birthday everyong gets together and celebrates with her favorite drink, CC&7. Nancy was a huge Elvis fan so it was a perfect coincidence that we were at Graceland on her birthday. We took our Elvis bobblehead with us and all three of us enjoyed a quick toast to Nancy.

The next morning we left Memphis knowing that we were in good hands since Elvis was our co-pilot.

Dates: November 10 - November 12
RV Park: Graceland RV Park & Campground, Memphis, TN