So... we bought an RV!?

We just purchased our new RV in Orlando so I guess that means our "Ginormous RV Palooza" has officially begun!!

We've had my grandfather's RV for about 4 or so years now and have talk on an off about taking a trip around the US. The major issue was that our current RV is almost 10 years old and not up to par for a 1+ year trip.

So we talked for a number of months and decided the time was right for us to make a leap and put our money where our mouth was. We both work from home (or anywhere we can get internet), we have a Jeep we can tow, we can enroll the kids in Florida Virtual School (Cathy is a great teacher!) and the lease is up on our van a month before we are scheduled to leave. Nothing really holding us back.

More to come....