Last Day at Home!

Today is our last day at home and tomorrow we start our "Ginormous RV Palooza"!

(What the heck are we thinking!!!)

Since the PODS arrived last week, Cathy and I have been packing like crazy (mostly Cathy as I've been working during the day) and getting the RV ready. The house is empty as you can see above. Almost everything we own is either in a 31' RV or 16'x8'x8'storage container. It feels pretty nice to be lightweight and agile now!

We've sorted through all of our stuff and made the tough decision whether an item is essential to our trip, is vaulable enough to store for two years or is Goodwill fodder. We've made so many trips to Goodwill that they now pretend they are closed whenever we drive up. I suspect we'll have a big pile of trash on the curb for Tuesday morning's pickup.

Scott and Sara came over last night and we moved the remaining heavy stuff into the PODS and got it ready for pickup this morning. We had more room remaining that I anticipated as we were really good at tossing stuff or giving it away. Sara went home last night with a truck load of "stuff".

This has been a crazy week. It seems like everything has happened this last week. Our adoption of Hailey and Alexis was supposed to be done last January but we finally had our court date last Monday (June 9th) and now it's finally official. I've now doubled the amount of girl stuff in my life.

We also had our meeting with Sarasota Virtual School to determine if they were going to enroll the girls. Cathy had been worrying for months as she didn't know what we were going to do if they didn't approve us. We'd have to devise our own home school cirriculum and we certainly weren't looking forward to that.

Then pile on my sudden three day trip to San Francisco, last minute training on medical procedures, emptying all of the contents of Brittany's condo and repairs for the house and pool and you've got a busy week.

Today is the day for tieing loose ends. We need to make a trip the to post office for various reasons, return our FIOS equipment, mow the yard and finish packing the RV.

Cathy also just called and told me that the Jeep check engine light is on and it may be overheating. Ugh.

Tomorrow we'll finish cleaning the house, hook up the Jeep to the RV and take off to Bradenton for a quick Father's Day brunch. Then we'll hit the road for our first destination: St. Augustine, FL.