The Storage PODS is Here!!

The "man in the big truck" dropped the PODS in our driveway this morning and, as you can see, everyone is super excited. One week untill we leave so it's crunch time. I spent most of the day hauling stuff over to relative's houses and selling and/or giving away furniture from Brittany's condo off craigslist. What a PITA.

We've cleaned out most of our house so we're down to the final packing. Cathy and I started to move some bedroom furniture into the PODS and we'll soon be breaking down beads and generally making the house look deserted.

Unfortunately I have to go to San Francisco for a couple of days this week so she'll be on her own. When I get back we'll finish getting everything into the PODS and then end the week by living in the driveway. We hit the road Father's Day!!

One Week to Go!