Fayetteville - Home of the Brave (Our Son)

Not much "fun" to talk about during our Fayetteville stay. Our son Tyler is getting ready to head back overseas and we wanted to spend some time with him. Most of the week was spent just hanging out, eating, watching soccer, drinking and talking. Great times though. Probably the most fun we've had all trip.

Ty recently moved into a house with a few of his fellow Special Ops junior NCOs. The trash cans are full of empty pizza boxes and beer cans. It's like a frat house but with a lot of guns and guys that could kill you simply by looking at you. He seems to be really happy and the guys are visibly tight.

It's amazing the man that Ty has become at the ripe, old age of 23. One minute he can be discussing politics, culture and religion in the middle east or talking about some of the firefights he's been in and the next minute totally comfortable on the floor playing with the girls on their level. To say we are proud of him is a gross understatement.

While we were there we did partake in two of Tyler's three favorite activities: guns and beer. We went out a couple of times with his buddies and even to the local range to shoot some steel. We took the opportunity to record a special birthday card for my grandfather's 90th birthday that day. He's a huge shooter since WWII.

We also had the opportunity to spend some time with one of the families that adopted one of our foster kids. Kristi and Tim live in Charlotte and Cathy has become quite close with her. They came down for the day and we spent the better part of the afternoon together with them and Christopher.

It was great week of downtime with too much eating, drinking and sitting around doing nothing with him.

Dates: June 26 - July 2