I Love Space Bags!

Time is rapidly running out and we are getting set for our last weekend of garage sales. This is the weekend everything goes. We either sell it (for pennies!) or take it to Goodwill. I'm super excited!

Cathy has been cleaning like the mad-woman she is and the house is starting to look bare. Hailey walked into the kitchen tonight and opened a cupboard to get her meds out and it was completely empty. Rather amusing.

Cathy finally bought some Space Bags and they are amazing! We put entire ski outfits for 5 people in the two bags above. Who knew!

Hopefully we won't have too much to store in PODS. We've made arrangements to store all kinds of stuff at the houses of family and friends, from kayaks and trailers to patio furniture and BBQ grills. We are leaving three of the four bedrooms' furniture here with the "new people". Hopefully the only thing of real size we are going to store is our living furniture and Hailey's bedroom dressers.

I've started to take photos of some furniture (piano, sofa, chair, ottoman, end tables, etc.) and put them on Craigslist. Hopefully they go fast and someone comes and picks this crap up! I love purging!!