Niagara Falls is totes awesome!

Niagara Falls was one of our favorite stops; top 3s for sure! The campground wasn't that great (essentially a parking lot) but the falls more than made up for it. They were simply incredible!!!

It was a long trip from Vermont to Niagara and we (as in Cathy driving) pulled into the campground around 5pm on Monday. We unloaded, setup camp and headed out to the a local restaurant that was recommended by the hotel staff. The city of Niagara was a little depressing, being in the middle of the rust belt, but we did find a couple of jewels.

Tuesday was our big day in Niagara and I took the day off. We did a guided tour and saw everything! Niagara Falls was simply incredible. We did the Whirlpool State Park, took a boat ride under the American Falls, saw the Cave of the Winds and played on the Hurricane Deck.

Words don't do Niagara justice. I simply can't describe how awesome it was and how much fun the girls had despite the light rain. Check out the pictures and videos below for the full experience. After a long day touring the falls we stopped at the Griffon Pub for craft beer and #awesome food. Dinner was definitely a runner-up to the Falls.

Wednesday was a school and work day. The highlight was going back to the Griffin Pub (did I mention they have tons of craft beer and great food?!) and then shopping for Halloween costumes. We found a store that was part costume shopping and part haunted house. The store scared the crap out of all three of the girls and we spent waayyy too much money on costumes.

Thursday morning we packed up and headed to Pittsburgh so I could fly out to SF for Dreamforce.

Dates: October 6 - October 9
RV Park: Niagara Falls Campground, Niagara Falls, NY