Not only is it hard but it's sexy!!

Let me state first of all that I love my Jeep. I especially love it with the top off and wind blowing through my hair.

Unfortunately Cathy is not too keen on it ("it's too cold" or "I'm getting wet from the rain") and it's somewhat loud and windy for the girls in the back.

We have a soft top for the Jeep but it's unhappy. I had an issue with the back window of it and now it zip in. We discussed buying a new soft top or getting a hard top.

Even though the hard top was 2-3x the price of a softtop we decided it was worth it due to the fact that with a hard top we could secure the contents of the jeep. When we tow the Jeep we can not lock stuff inside of it for travet. It also makes it convenient when driving around in general that you can lock the doors and not have to worry about people getting into the vehicle.

Scott came over and used his super-duper builder skills this weekend and helped me assemble it. I also purchased quick release clamps in case I want to take it off while on our trip and quickly put on a bikini top or just leave it off.