Plymouth Rocks!

So after Boston, we decided that we wanted to visit Cape Code but we needed to stop in Plymouth first for some "good learnin". School was getting ready to start so this was our last week of freedom before we started K-12.

Our hour drive from Bellingham, MA was uneventful as usual. Cathy drives the RV like a Boss!!

Sandy Pond Campground was a nice little stop nestled in the woods near a pond (hence the name) but close to some new subdivisions. The people at the front desk were very nice and we alerted them to the fact that we were having, what seemed like, several thousand boxes of K-12 learning materials sent there. We pulled into our spot, setup camp and I worked for the rest of the day while the girls wandered around the campground.

After work we immediately took off for Plymouth to look at that rock. It wasn't going to watch itself, ya know! We made a big deal of the rock, took some cool action photos of the rock, talked about what it meant and discussed why the Pilgrims came to this country. We then promptly left and went to eat. ;)

For the next couple of day was stayed around the campground, swimming in the local pond (the water gave Kira a rash each time she went in) and riding bicycles. There was a large group of homeschoolers at the campground so the girls had plenty of kids to play with.

Cathy and I even ran a number of times so we didn't feel as fat as usual. We even took off Lexi's training wheels and she was peddling without them in no time!

During the middle of the week the weather wasn't so great (rain and high winds that blew our tent across the campground) so we didn't venture out much. We did a number of chores and got ready (mentally) for school starting next week.

We had decided when we were in Plymouth that we wanted to tour the Mayflour II docked near the rock, so Thursday after doing chores and finishing work, we headed back into Plymouth to see the boat. Kira wasn't as freaked out this time and everyone learned a lot about the living conditions, why they came to America, how long the journey took and how many perished on the trip. Our neighbor is related to one of the Pilgrims (John Alden) so that really allowed us to tie to past to the present.

Afterwards, we walked down the street to the pier and booked a whale watching trip for Sunday! Then we went and had massive sized desserts at a local restaurant with live music.

Friday was a special day in Plymouth. We found out from the operators at the Mayflour II that essentially everything in Plymouth is free on one day a year, and that day just happened to be Friday! Since Cathy can't pass up coupons, garage sales or anything free in general, she loaded up the girls and took them to Plimoth Plantation while I worked. The plantation shows the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by the Pilgrims. They toured the English village and Wampanoag Homesite meeting actual members of the tribe (ie, not actors). Later that night we made our first trip to Falmouth on the Cape and fell in love with the city. We found an Irish pub, Liam McGuire's, that became our stomping ground for the next couple of weeks. For some reason they had a bagpipe band (20 people?) come into the restaunt and play for about 15 minutes. Super, super loud but the girls will never for it. They talk about it all the time.

Saturday morning all of our boxes and boxes and boxes arrived for virtual school. Not sure why so much "stuff" is required for a "virtual" school but what do I know about teaching. The girls were really excited about K-12 but little did we know of the impending doom of school starting in a couple of days (more to come). Later that night we went into Falmouth again (this became a very common occurance for us) and had pizza and craft beer at Stone L'Oven. We came back, put the kids to bed and watched some movies outside under the blankets. It was starting to get cold!!

Saturday was all about whales! Cathy and I had been on an awesome whale watching trip out of Boston roughly 10 years ago and we were hoping for the same. We got up early and caught the 9:30am boat, found a table and enjoyed the hour ride to where the whales were. We saw quite a few whales but but not as closely as before in Boston. However, the girls had a good time and took a number of pictures and videos. Hali and Alexis had a great time but Kira got bored fairly quickly.

After the trip we went next door to a local restaurant for lunch (it started to rain a little but we were under umbrellas) and bought some trinkets for Scott and Sara as Cathy was going back to Sarasota soon. It was our last day in Plymouth so we walked around the city a little more and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

Dates: August 11 - August 18
RV Park: Sandy Pond Campground, Plymouth, MA