Rhode Island is gorgeous

We had a great time in Rhode Island (it's gorgeous!) but it started off totally wrong! We left Bristol and headed 1.5 hours east to Charleston, RI for our first stay at a state park.

On the way Cathy spotted the Essex Steam Train so she and the girls took the two hour trip while I worked.

Burlingame State Park looked great until we pulled into our spot. As soon as I jumped out of the cab I immediately noticed there were no hookups for water, electricity or sewer. We could do without water and sewer but electricity was a must for the Haii's equipment! Cathy jumped on the interwebs and quickly found a campground a few miles away. We pulled out of the campground and followed the crappy GPS directions that, once again, took us on the backroads that were under construction. It's one thing to go 4-wheeling in the Jeep but another in a 31ft RV.

The Ashaway RV Resort was brand new and still somewhat under construction. It was nice but still a little rough. The bathrooms had no lights and some bare wires. When finished, it would be awesome!

The first night was fun as we met the family behind us from NY and they gave us some great travel tips. The girls roasted marshmallows with theirs and then we finally put them to bed. Cathy had purchased a big bug tent so we set that up and watched TV under the stars.

Saturday was a very long day. I had a company party waaay back the other side of Bristol near the New York border. So most of the day was spent driving 2.5 hours each way and then enjoying ourselves at the company party.

Everyone was tired the next morning from getting back super late so we slept in late and spent the entire day just putzing around the campground. Hali and I went running and then the girls tried to swim in the pool but it was way too cold.

I worked till the early afternoon on Monday as we had to head into Newport, RI to pick up my new computer at the FedEx office. We spent a couple of hours doing the famous Cliff Walk, looking at the mansions and finally finishing up the walk at a little restaurant with drinks and appetizers. Cathy got it in her that see needed some sushi so we asked for recommendations and found Tokyo Sushi as we headed out of town. The sushi was fast but unfortunately mediocre. I spent the rest of the night watching TV with Cathy under the stars setting up my new computer.

All in all, the spot was pretty good. They had super fast internet and we all got to run a number of days. It was a good time.

Dates: August 1 - August 6
RV Park: Ashaway RV Resort, Charleston, RI