So long minivan... you served us well

So today we are down to only two vehicles. Our lease was conviently up right before we take off for our trip so we scotted down to the Honda dealer and dropped it off.

Unfortunately Cathy drove it back and forth to All Children's Hospital in St. Pete quite a bit so we are waaaayyy over on mileage!

Not too bad being down to one vehicle as I guess it's good to get used to just having the Jeep. Now we have to stop and think about one another whenever we go somewhere in case the other person need the vehicle as well.

We were having issues zipping the back of the Jeep's top into place so I bought a hard top for it. I'm not too keen on the idea (I'd rather have a simple bikini top) but it will be good to lock stuff up with driving around and as storage when we tow it behind the RV. We are heading to Tampa next weekend to have the tow bar and vehicle plate installed.