A tow bar... to tow things

Another big weekend in preparation of our "Ginormous RV Palooza"! We purchased a tow bar for our RV a couple of months ago so that we can tow our Jeep behind it. To have it installed was an all day affair involving both the RV and Jeep. So we made arrangements with Scott and Sara to drive another vehicle so we could all spend the weekend at Disney!

We dropped the vehicles off in Tampa early Saturday morning, spent most of the day at Hollywood Studios and then Cathy and I went back and picked up the RV and Jeep towards the end of the day.

The guy at Camping World went over how to hook and unhook the Jeep and all of the safety measures. We went through the towing checklist (hook up bars, attach cables, Jeep in neutral, parking break off, etc.) and finally left an hour or so later.

After getting on the highway heading back to Orlando, the RV started pulling hard to the left and I immediately thought they had put the tow bar on crooked or something. So I stopped on the shoulder and gave them a call. To make a long story short, they forgot to tell us to leave the key in the ignition and turn it to the auxilary position so the wheels won't lock up.

So if you ever buy a tow bar, don't make a rookie mistake like us: vehicle in neutral, parking brake off and steering wheel unlocked.